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Great Scott with Scott Alexander & Ryan Raz

May 25th, 2010 Comments off

Scott Alexander & Ryan Raz “Great Scott”
Scott – big, black and absolutely beautiful – Alexander returns to this week, taking Ryan Raz’s beautiful pink butthole, and that “purty” mouth hostage. Before Ryan’s jeans have come off, Scott’s pulled down his briefs to taste that thick cock of his. Ryan sits back and watches as Scott devours every inch of his meat. Scott strips and stands before Ryan as Ryan gets to work on his thick cock. Ryan chokes down as much of it as he can, shoving Scott’s meat deep into his throat. He bends Ryan over on the couch and goes to work on that hot ass…
He slides his tongue deep into Ryan’s smooth ass which only makes Ryan buck back, wanting that hot tongue deep in that ass. He starts fucking that ass deep in no time, as Ryan moans and groans, having his sweet ass stretched. Scott slaps away at that ass as he fucks it. He then switches things up by having Ryan sit on his cock. Then it’s Ryan’s turn as he starts to ride that dick like he’s on a bouncy ball. They trade off fucking duties until they migrate into a hot missionary position on the chair. Scott slams that dick deep into Ryan, who loves the fucking he’s getting. Ryan’s cock explodes as Scott continues to give him dick. Ryan’s load cascades out all over his smooth navel. Scott isn’t too far behind, as he pulls out and jacks his load all over Ryan’s cock and balls […]

360 Degrees of Fornication with Diesel Washington and Ridge Michaels

May 13th, 2010 Comments off

Diesel Washington & Ridge Michaels  “360 Degrees of Fornication” - Free images and hardcore video preview!Ridge Michaels will definitely remember this day on after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel: the man, the myth, the 9” python in his pants needs no introduction. At 39, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry. They break the ice kissing softly on the couch as their hands begin to explore each other. Ridge’s curiosity gets the better of him as he slides off Diesel’s jeans…
Diesel stands up and just watches as Ridge hauls out Diesel’s thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and goes to work. Ridge wraps that pretty mouth around Diesel’s 9” cock as Diesel moans and groans his appreciation. Diesel then wants some dick and goes to town on Ridge’s rock hard cock as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Diesel uses his tongue all over that hot cock and balls before turning this Sarasota Stud around and getting that expert tongue up that hot ass. Diesel buries his face deep in Ridge’s crack, as Ridge pushes his cock back towards Diesel’s mouth wanting more on his cock too. Diesel then sits back and groans as Ridge starts sitting on his thick cock. “Just have to get used to it” Ridge grunts as his ass slowly concedes. Once that hot ass is fully impaled, Ridge starts to grind his ass on that dick sending Diesel into a frenzy. After a few minutes of taking that dick in a reverse cowgirl, Ridge wants a better view. He twirls around on that dick so he can face Diesel and get to make out with him as he gets that ass stretched. “Aww, fuck me” is all Ridge can say as Diesel impales that ass and even moves him from the couch and props him onto the chaise into a doggie position without ever pulling his python out of his ass. Show off! Diesel then literally spins him around while on his dick into a missionary position then stands up with Ridge still attached to this cock and moves him back to the couch to fuck him missionary. Grandstanding we say! Diesel buries his cock deeper and deeper and soon they are both ready to explode. They dismount and unload as they jack their loads all over themselves before basking in the afterglow […]

Interracial missionary will do the trick

March 4th, 2010 Comments off

Scott Alexander & William Vas in “What A Ride” - Free images and hardcore video preview!
Black muscle hunk Scott Alexander and his fat, chocolate uber cock reign supreme at this week. Its most loyal subject of all is lucky William Vas, who makes every massive inch of the giant black cock disappear in every hole he has. The chemistry between these two hunks is unmistakable as they kiss passionately and continue exploring each other’s bodies. William gets more than a mouthful as he starts sucking on Scott’s fat dick. “Look up here at me, Babe” Scott says, as he slowly starts to face fuck William, who’s doing his best to take every thick inch of Scott’s black ramrod that’s being forced down his hungry throat. Soon, William’s cock is also deep inside Scott’s hungry mouth. Scott loves to suck white cock, and goes to town on William’s pole. Judging from the look on William’s face, he loves every minute of it. “Awww that’s a big fucking dick!” William groans with delight, as Scott picks up the pace. The grin on William’s face is priceless as Scott continues to drill his ass. William starts to buck that sweet ass of his right back onto Scott’s big black dick as he repeatedly impales himself on it for more. This just makes Scott hornier, knowing how much William wants it, so he goes right back to piledriving his meat deep to make sure William gets his fill. William then switches it up and straddles Scott for more. His ass is stretched wide as Scott’s cock continues to ram deep inside him. William can’t stop begging for more as he gets his ass stuffed…
They then switch into missionary, which will do the trick. William’s the first to nut as he stands over Scott and bathes him in his load. That’s enough to send Scott over the edge as he too blasts his load all over William’s chest and face. Great new interracial fuck session! Watch Scott Alexander & William Vas in “What A Ride”!

Cock crazed white bottom stud rides huge black dick

February 5th, 2010 Comments off

After hung big black muscle hunk Scott Alexander bounces Rusty Stevens on his meat some more, he puts our horny receiver on his back and shoves that thick black dick back inside him missionary. Free images and hardcore video preview!
When white bottom stud Rusty Stevens told that he wanted to lose his “interracial cherry” to a black monster cock, they hooked him with that uber hung black sex machine, Scott Alexander for a passion over-due fuck that left balls empty and even the camera needing a cigarette… Click on the image above and get their free hardcore gallery and preview video!
Watch Scott Alexander & Rusty Stevens in “Cerebral BALLsy”!

10 inch of thick black cock for Steven Ponce

January 18th, 2010 Comments off

Everyone’s favorite chocolate power bar, Diesel Washington and his 10” of thick dark cock, returns and gives Steven Ponce the fucking of his life. Free images and hardcore video preview!
Everyone’s favorite black power fucker Diesel Washington and his 10” of thick dark fuck stick returns and gives white bottom pig Steven Ponce the fucking of his life. They kiss as they keep stripping. See is Diesel with a mouthful of white cock as he deepthroats Steven’s meat. After he gives Steven’s cock a spit-shine, Diesel stands up and lets Steven have some too. His monstrous black cock gets bigger and harder as Steven does his best to take it deep. “Go on, Ginger—get on there” Diesel Washington coos, as Steven beats his own rock hard dick while nursing on Diesel’s. He is begging for the big black 10 inch cock inside. As Steven begins to ride his monster meat, Diesel coaches him on how to relax so he can get more inside – And Steven gyrates his hips like a seasoned salsa pro. Diesel then puts Steven on all fours as he bends him and starts to fuck him hard doggy. Steven grimaces as Diesel starts to hit new terrain. One last fuck in a missionary position does the trick: Steven jacks off as he sits on the backrest of the chair Diesel’s sprawled out on. Once he unloads his cum, he drenches Diesel in a bath of cum that rivals any I’ve seen for a long time…

Scott Alexander and Feliz Andrews in POLE DANCING

November 28th, 2009 Comments off

21 yo Feliz Andrews wants easier access as he straddles hung big black stallion stud Scott Alexander and impales himself on his thick cock. Free images and hardcore video preview!
The most popular stick of chocolate dynamite on belongs to none other than Scott Alexander and the lucky recipient of all nine inches of this divine dick of death is none other than dark and smoldering 21 yo Feliz Andrews. There’s no doubt that the chemistry between these two is set to boil as they immediately begin kissing and tugging at each other’s clothes. After some expert sword swallowing on Feliz’s part, he chows on every thick inch of Scott’s fat black dick. Feliz then watches as Scott starts to suck on his uncut cock. Scott swallows every delicious inch as he continues his oral assault. He’s nowhere near done with his plans. As he peels off Feliz’ briefs, he can now move on to phase 2. Scott gets behind Feliz before sliding his cock deep inside Feliz’ hot asshole. Scott is soon fucking away as Feliz grunts and moans, begging for more. Feliz reaches back to kiss Scott as he continues taking a deep pounding. Feliz wants easier access as he straddles Scott and impales himself on his thick cock. Feliz then flips around and rides Scott in a reverse cowgirl as Scott continues to bury his cock. The only thing left is missionary, and Scott takes them both home as he fucks the cum out of Feliz who explodes all over himself. Scott then pulls out before spraying his own seed all over one satisfied Feliz Andrews. Well done, guy, well done indeed!

Kain jacks off with an ass full of Diesel Washingtons black cock

October 20th, 2009 Comments off

Diesel is 40 yo and the only thing hotter than his muscuar body is that extra fat, hungry killer of a cock, fed masterfully to a very eager, pierced Kain Warn! Free hardcore black-on-white-male xxx pics & video of Diesel Washington fucks the cum out of Kain Warn here.
After a much anticipated wait, finally has one of the industry’s brightest stars doing his very first web-only production at the website. We’re talking about none other than black porn star Diesel Washington. Diesel is 40 y/o (originally from Brooklyn, NY) and the only thing hotter than his 6in 6f muscular body is that extra thick, hungry killer of a cock, fed masterfully to a very eager, pierced white bottom twink Kain Warn. “Stick that tongue out”, Diesel orders, as he feeds him his thick black monster cock. Diesel gets hard in his mouth and begins to skull fuck the Florida native Kain – then dives into his hairy ass, tongue first, as he gets that asshole ready for a fucking he won’t soon forget. Diesel is working that white butt deep as he spits on his ass and shoves his tongue as deep as he can. He holds Kain in place, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him back hard to repeatedly impale him on his fat black ramrod. Kain is taking this fucking like a champ as Diesel has his way with his asshole. Kain jacks his nice hard dick off with an ass full of Diesel… Then Diesel strokes his thick load off and splatters it all over Kain’s chest as he kneels in front of him. All aboard the Diesel Washington Monument this week at

Ebony fuck god piles Caribbean cutie

September 20th, 2009 Comments off

One look at Scott Anderson, this 37yo Nubian fuck-god, and you know Steven Ponce’s gonna have his asshole full of big black cock! Free hardcore black-on-white-male xxx pics & video of Scott Alexander, aka Scott Anderson- fucks the cum out of red-haired Steven Ponce here.
Back this week for more madness is a Caribbean cutie with an unbelievable hungry asshole. Steven Ponce is back after having two extra hung top boys who were more than happy to use him. Steven took both cocks like a champ and was able to keep both hungry tops more than satisfied with his hot ass and his Puerto Rican bottom talents. Today Steven is back to show us more of his talent act. He has this gift of making large things disappear – lol! On the menu is a thick 9 inch uncut fat black cock belonging to Scott Anderson (aka Scott Alexander). One look at this 37yo ebony fuck-god, and you know Steven’s gonna have his hands, mouth and asshole full of big black meat. Gorgeous black-on-white fuck session – a must see!!!

Puertorican extra big dick

September 8th, 2009 Comments off

Trey Turner gives us one lean, smooth and muscular bod and an 8 inch ass master latin cock! Free xxx pics & video of hung big Latin stud Trey Turner here.

Krist Cummings fucked by Scott Alexander

August 21st, 2009 Comments off

6f 4in, 190 pound, chiseled chocolate uber hung love G-d Scott Alexander giving 5f 4in, 130, alabaster Krist Cummings exactly what he needed: the fucking of his life! Free hardcore black-on-white-male xxx pics & video of Scott Alexander fucks the cum out of little Krist Cummings here.
After popular demand Scott Alexander is back this week. Watch Scott’s “unplugged” session and get a better idea of just what makes him tic. Alongside Scott is another hottie brought back after he got the fuck of a lifetime opposite horse hung Tommy Defendi. We’re of course referring to Krist Cummings. Krist at 5’4 is about as polar an opposite to Scott Alexander who stands 6’3…
Scott loves the attention on his meat and soon he’s gonna need to bury it deeper than just the back of Krist’s throat. Krist is laid over the arm rest as Scott begins to take his ass. Krist braces as Scott’s 8.5″ meat is forced deep. The look on Krist’s face coupled with his grunts and groans says it all as he winces with every fat inch he’s taking. Scott’s cock means business and in no time he’s fucking away at his smooth, stretching hole. Scott holds his legs up and is pounding him as deep as Krist’s hot ass will let him. AND Krist begs as he gets that rock hard cock impaled. Scott only pounds him harder! Krist takes every thrust like a champ and after a hard ride they switch to missionary where Scott has all the access he wants. This is ultimately the one that does them in as Scott fucks the cum out of little Krist and then explodes his own jizz all over his conquest.

Jaw-breakingly thick uncut black meat of Scott Alexander

August 12th, 2009 Comments off

Black muscle hunk Scott Alexander is 6’3 and 195 lbs, has gorgeous rippled abs, has ink on both biceps and another tattoo just above the waistline, his 9 inch cock is rock hard and he loves to stroke that big black dick - as we watch his foreskin move up and back down over his swollen knob! Free hardcore photos & video of Scott Alexander here.
Black musclehunk Scott Alexander is giving us a “behind the scenes” look today. decided he would be great to do their first ‘unplugged’ episode where they get more insight at the man behind the legend. Scott is 37 years old, and he’s from Houston, Texas. Scott is 6’3 and 195 lbs of etched ebony muscle, has an ass out of sculpted marble, a pendulous 8.5 inch of throbbing swollen knob with a colossal pink end always ready for business, a man like this all you need!!! Damn, he’ an ass cracker of a black dick – I love it!!!
As his uncut, fat black cock erupts, it’s sending huge volley after volley of thick cream all over his heaving chest. Stay tuned for next week and see what happens when this ebony top power stud has a playmate – stock up on Kleenex now and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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