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Black Rambo busts a nut

May 26th, 2009 Comments off

Thick muscled, tattooed Rambo settles beneath an outcrop of fat bamboo and whips out his own impressive stalk - on free video and images here!
This solo was shot in Hawaii, where the beautiful location complemented our beautiful man. Hot & thick muscled, tattooed Rambo settles beneath an outcrop of fat bamboo and whips out his own impressive black bamboo. His muscular, dark frame belies his tender, sensual gazes as he gives us an eyeful of his ink followed by his own spraying cum load. Nui loa kane! (Very Manly!)

Marc LaSalle – African American hottie Videography

November 11th, 2008 Comments off

Gay porn star and power fisting bottom slut Marc LaSalle on free photos & videos here!
One of Raging Stallion’s exclusives, MARC LASALLE, made his debut February 2007 in LORDS OF THE JUNGLE. This dark, sexy, African American hottie has a few more skills than he let on in that highly acclaimed feature. He’s also an amazing fisting top and bottom. Til today Marc was starring in nine great gay hardcore releases!!! Enjoy all free flash video previews I added!

Muscle pumping with Jay Black

September 29th, 2008 Comments off

Fucked by black muscle stud Jay black, Francois Sagat enjoys every inch of that black cock up his ass. Free videos and photos!
Muscle stud Jay Black’s dark meat is the XtraInches highlight in this vid which showcases three hot men: Francois Sagat, Huessein, and Jay Black working their bodies with heavy weights. These are proud men, prime examples of the species. As the trio pump up their muscles, eyes dart back and forth, encouraging each other in more ways than one. Things take a turn when Francois removes his shirt – Huessein and Jay Black can’t stand it any more! Weights get dropped and the workout becomes one of the finest interracial three-ways ever filmed by anyone!

Marc LaSalle cant get enough up his ass

August 28th, 2008 4 comments

Latin stud Marcos Pirelli enjoys to fuck his little bottom slut Marc LaSalle from heaven to hell - free video clips!
Framed by the amazing skyline of San Francisco, Marcos Pirelli and Afro-American Marc LaSalle begin a hot sex session. After a nice kissing warm up, Marcos whips out his fat cock for Marc to taste. Marcos realy loves the cock worship and bangs his dick into Marc’s mouth, against his face, and down his throat. The fucking action starts when Marcos penetrates Marc’s hungry ass-hole. The penetration is incredible as Marcos slams his fat dick deep into Marcs crack. Marc’s butt can’t get enough – he’s so damn hot & horny. He throws himself on his back and takes another few rounds of Marcos shoving his dick as far inside as it can go. Marcos fucks until he’s got to shoot. He pulls out and covers Marc in loads of cum, causing Marc to shoot his own creamy load.

An ass-stretcher from Brazil

April 24th, 2008 Comments off

Brazilian top stud Julio Vidal wants to fuck his buddy's tight ass on the table!
Check out this hot episode from Brazilian Sizzle and watch an incredible sex session with horse-hung Julio Vidal fucking Pedro Paulo on the kitchen table. Surely you know, Julio has become one of the most enjoyable gay porn stars to come out of Brazil in years. He’s got great balls and a monstrous dick built just like him – an outstanding giant tool. You’re going to love this scorching fuck session in a hostel kitchen between two big-dicked muscle men, Julio and Pedro.

Brazilian all positions true male fuck

March 24th, 2008 1 comment

Latino stud Vitor Henrique rides his fuck buddy's huge, thick brazilian cock!
Vitor Henrique, the cock-hungry bottom slut, gets on all fours with his buttocks high up in the air and Alex Jr. pounds his tight asshole. Their fuck action then moves with Vitor sitting on Alex’ big, black, fat dick and taking a gorgeous ride before lying on his back with his legs spread wide up in the air…

Brazilian army recruits Beto and Alexander

March 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Army recruit Alexandre Senna gets fucked his butthole in doggy-style!
Two young Brazilian army recruits take a hard-earned rest in the shade after completing a few laps around the barracks, but it doesnt take long before Beto Ribeiro and Alexander Senna are taking part in some special exercise of a different kind. Check out this exclusive episode made for which features good looking, […]

Justin sliding into Marc’s tight ass

February 15th, 2008 3 comments

Justin Christopher pounding Mar LaSalle's hot and horny ass!
If you like interracial sex, huge cocks and hot men in some good old fashion caribbean bedroom love making than this video is made just for you… Justin Christopher and Marc LaSalle kiss tenderly. Their hands roam over each other’s beautiful, hard muscled bodies. A light tropical shower herds them indoors where we find them […]

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