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Massive black tool for white doctors aching ass hole

May 5th, 2011 Comments off

Doctor, It's Hard - Justin Harris, Drew Brody with nice black-on-white cum shooting video!
Dr Justin Harris tried to take the matter in hand, but this big, fat, uncut cock is a two hander. He’s slurping on the massive black tool and gingerly taking it inch by inch by inch into his swollen, aching arse hole […]

Enormous black & white uncut cocks for willing ass

April 20th, 2011 Comments off

GoldenBoy - Harry Louis, Harley Everett, Drew Brody
Harry had one black monster cock rammed down his throat as he backed onto the other, pushing until the whole length was inside; his mouth and his sphyncter both stretched to capacity, then he started to ride […]

Twitching to take long black dick

July 21st, 2010 Comments off

R and R - Kennedy Carter & black top stud Mark Taylor with nice black-on-white cum shooting video!
R and R – KENNEDY CARTER, MARK TAYLOR – Rest and Relaxation is the last thing on the minds of black muscle hunk Mark and Kennedy. The two soldiers strip naked and get down to some hot, cock action. Kennedy’s fat, pink uncut dick is rock hard and he wants it sucked. Mark’s well up for the job and takes it down his throat before turning Kennedy around and burying his tongue up his hole. The tight bud is wet with spit and twitching to take the long, black dick inside. Kennedy pulls his cheeks apart and waits to feel the head of Mark’s stiff dick against his hole […]

Carioca solo in leather gloves

March 3rd, 2009 Comments off

Carioca is a gentle black man who oozes masculine sex. Ripped beyond belief, wielding a curved length of fat uncut dark cock and banging it home with the most solid buns we've ever seen on UK Naked Men. Free photo gay hardcore photos here!
Carioca is back in leather outfit. This strapping six foot black hunk of solid, muscle and rippling sex appeal might look like he’d kiss you like he loves you and fuck you like he hates you, but he is a gentle guy who oozes masculine sex. Ripped beyond belief, wielding a curved length of uncut dark cock and banging it home with the most solid buns you’ve ever seen on UK Naked Men.

Carioca, a very personal trainer

January 21st, 2009 Comments off

Raphael services Carioca's uncut, rock-hard black cock with his hot mouth... suddenly Carioca is pumping his arse like a piston. Free photos & videos here!
Black muscle-bound gym trainer Carioca takes young twink Rafael in hand, putting him through his paces with a thorough work out. Rafael is flat on his back pumping some iron but can’t help noticing that his trainer has forgotten to wear a jock strap and that Carioca’s ebony cock is straining against his gym shorts. Slipping a hand inside, Raphael feels the weight of the black bamboo, and pretty soon his own love muscle is being worked to breaking point… The workout gets more intense as Raphael services his good looking trainer’s uncut, steel-hard cock with his mouth & throat – suddenly Carioca is pounding his tight asshole like a piston, then pulling his cock out and drenching the young pup in jizz…

Carioca in the Crystal Room

November 14th, 2008 Comments off

Black porn star & gay model Carioca strips down his jeans and plays with his hard cock on free photo gallery here!
Carioca looks good anywhere, but put him in a room full of mirrors and the light bounces off his rippling muscles making this stud glow. Here’s a man who radiates sexual energy and reflecting it back at him just increases the effect. As he flexes and turns I can feel his heat… his rock-hard cock is jutting out at me – then he turns on his magnificent smile… If things get any more charged I think I’ll explode.

Monster-hung Kurt Rogers fucked by Carioca

September 27th, 2008 Comments off

Kurt Rogers self-sucks his monstrous cock and gets watched by his fuck buddy Carioca - free video and images here.
UKNAKEDMEN muscle stud Kurt Rogers is playing snooker and he’s joined by swarthy UKNM first timer Carioca, who’s a master of the cue – and strictly top, which means we get to see a very different side to Kurt, as he climbs onto the baize and takes Carioca’s black meat deep inside him. The guys are gripping and grunting with passion and going at it like hungry animals until they can’t hold back any more and they’re pumping hot loads all over each other.

Black stud Carioca from Great Britain

September 9th, 2008 2 comments

Hung big ebony stud Carioca from Great Britain is sitting naked with hard-on - free photos available.
Visitors to Great Britain’s largest gay dating site will recognise the tattoo and now that he’s finally decided to let us all see more of him, Carioca is going to be a big name in adult & hardcore video. His chiselled, sculpted bronze-skinned body, with dark hair in all the right places is just one reason. His intense looks, lively cock and the fact that he fucks like a true stallion are a couple more. We’ll be seeing more of Carioca soon, but for now here’s a mouthful of a very nice and big meal.

Black and White Gay Prison Sex

July 2nd, 2008 5 comments

Horny white prisoner gets fucked his ass by monster-hung black cellmate on free video.
Two banged up prisoners share a smoke through their prison wall and things get a little trippy. When elephant hung black stud GIFT and insatiable white twink MATT get it on this is real caged heat. Months of sexual frustration, solo j/o sessions and buckets of boiling cum explode across the screen as these two studs fuck each other to within an inch of their lives. Matt howls as the monstrous black cock skewers his guts. Its not an easy ride, as Gift fucks like a real black stallion. The contrast of black and white gay sex shows every detail of penetration as they shag each others arses red raw and shoot pints of splattering scalding jizz.

Solid uncut black cock of D'VOUR

June 30th, 2008 2 comments

Hung big black stud D'Vour with rock hard erection of his monstrous black dick.
D'VOUR made the guys from UKNM gasp several times. The first was on meeting this young ebony twink, the second was when he released his huge thick solid uncut black cock. Be prepared – you may need a tissue or two!

Leon and his pretty uncut cock

June 10th, 2008 3 comments

Hot close-up shot of black model stud Leon's uncut big black cock.
Sometimes after a hard day at the office we can’t wait to get home & jump in the shower. Usually we take our suits off before getting under the water, but Leon does it the other way round. It’s a bit strange but it looks really hot – and it saves on laundry bills. Black model Leon has perfect smooth skin, a pretty big cock and a hell of an ass to hammer it home with. We’ll be seeing more of Leon on video from UKNM, but for now here’s one for all you suited shower fans!

Big, Black and British

June 1st, 2008 7 comments

Ebony porn star from Britan ready to shoot his loads of cum - right into the camera.
SENSI is completely straight and cutting a swathe in the world of straight porn, and no doubt bruising a few pussies too. He strokes his lubed, massive, ebony meat for you, knowing you’re watching, teasing you, knowing you’d like to choke and gag on his huge ramrod. On your knees as he holds your head back and splatters jizz all over your face, forcing your mouth open with his fingers and sticking the cum wet end in your mouth. Yumalicious!

European gay interracial power fuck

May 30th, 2008 2 comments

White bottom getting hard while he sucks uncut big black monster cock. FREE VIDEO!
Silk is big in every department, especially his huge, thick, uncut dick which Pierre bravely managed to take all the way in his little ass hole and after feasting on the thick, dark foreskin, even had a good go at deepthroating it! What a trooper! The guys are obviously very into each other and are soon naked, with Pierre worshipping Silk’s massive uncut ramrod before sliding it into his tight little hole. The scene ends in Pierre cumming in hot jets while Silk unloads inside him, his whole body shaking and convulsing in orgasm.

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