December 14th, 2011

Fans of fisting and handballing, this site’s created for you! Fisting Central is one of the very few fisting sites around and it’s truly THE BEST OF THE BEST IN HANDBALLING! Fisting Central is a niche section of Raging Stallion Studios, founded in 1999 by J.D. Slater and Chris Ward. You’ll get permanently updated previews and content of hot men who love getting stretched their ass holes to the limits. At Fisting Central are performing hot looking muscle men of all colors who give their asses over to newcomers and experts who don’t waste time getting to the good stuff. Gloved hands delves deep into roomy, accommodating asses as fist-hungry studs sit down, eating up their buddy’s arm, further and further. Hardcore highlights show fist pigs on all fours, presenting their delicious rosebuds to get punched.
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Rendezvous – Amerifist & Nicolas Torri
The dominating Amerifist has Nicolas on his knees in no time, wrapping his willing lips around Amerifist’s stiff and thick meat. Then on all fours, Amerifist rims Nicolas well and the grabs onto his hips and pile drives him hard and fast, pounding his massive meat deep preparing Nicolas for the frenzy his fists will deliver. Nicolas gets on his back, shoots his legs in the air and Amerifist buries his arm past the wrist. CLICK HERE!
Big-handed hottie and fisting legend Amerifist returns to split apart yet another hungry white boy in this interracial extreme penetration video. Watch David Novak cop the full force of that black fist as he’s stretched wide on the bed on all-fours before being flipped onto his back for more. CLICK HERE!

Hit and Don’t Quit – Pigslave32 and Amerifist
Amerifist has become quite the connoisseur of ass here at Fisting Central and has now found yet another victim to inflict with his unique brand of pain and pleasure. Watch him stretch Pigslave32’s ass in this all new extreme penetration pairing. CLICK HERE!

Ashley Ryder & Race Cooper
Jockstrapped, face down and booted legs held aloft by stirrups, Ashley Ryder’s ready for some fine fist served up from Race Cooper who approaches and gives his willing fistee a couple hard smacks on his pale butt. Ashley’s ass rises and falls with each breath he takes in anticipation of this smooth, chocolate skinned hand meat. And, Race gets right to it… easing a finger, and then two, three, four and the whole fist while Ashley holds his mesh jock with excitement. Ashley raises up on his hands pushing his insatiable ass on Race’s arm well past the wrist, and Race slowly inches deeper while Ashley grunts and groans. CLICK HERE!

German Fist Rider & Amerifist
No wonder GermanFistRider had to mount a ladder for his interracial fising video with Amerifist – that black daddy’s hand is so powerful, you better hope there is plenty of room to move once he’s decided to fill you up with its meaty goodness. Watch this kinky character get well and truly stretched up on his mount. CLICK HERE!

PuteXib & Amerifist
Amerifist returns to put his big black fist to work on yet another white hole willing to take the punishment it deals. He kneels down beside the bed in proper position to really inflict ultimate damage on that soon to be gaping ass and it’s an awesome sight to see the interracial extreme penetration in action. CLICK HERE!

Wrecked – Scene 3
It’s black in white for this extreme interracial fisting video. There’s nothing quite like seeing a white hole stretched apart by a meaty black fist, so don’t miss a second of the penetrating action as our ripped white stud takes as much of it as he can stand. CLICK HERE!

PuteXib & Amerifist
We know how much you guys like a bit of interracial fisting action, and we have quite the treat for you. Nothing less than a fat black fist doing damage on a fine white hole in this extreme penetration video featuring the hottest in black and white fetish performers. CLICK HERE

Race Cooper & Ryan Patrick
Nothing has ever topped the partnership between Race Cooper and Ryan Patrick this year, and we thought it was well worth another look with this new fisting video between the interracial couple. Red-headed super bottom Ryan is in true form once again, taking that mammoth black fist deep inside. CLICK HERE

David Novak & Race Cooper
Fancy some interracial fisting action? Race Cooper’s the man with the big, black fist that can provide. He pries open jockstrap-wearing David Novak’s hole in this video. He works it deep in multiple positions, ensuring this bottom knows it’s not just black cocks that come in large. CLICK HERE

ManCaves – Scene 2

Black stud Marc LaSalle gives his ass over to newcomer Michael Johns who doesnt waste time getting to the hot action. Michael’s gloved hand delves deep into Marcs roomy, accommodating ass as Marc sits down, eating up Michaels arm, further and further. A hardcore highlight shows Marc on all fours, presenting his delicious rosebud for Michael to punch.

Fist and Shout 1 – Scene 3

Dark-skinned Marc Lasalle gladly presents his ass to Billy Berlin and Lee Heyford for some slap and tickle. They knead Marc’s beautiful dark ass, tempting and pulling open his sweet, inked butt. Slaps lead to tongues, spit leads to lube, and soon theyre taking turns sliding hands up Marc Lasalle’s willing hole.

Arabian Fist – Scene 3

This unbelievable fisting episode begins as a two way then changes to a three-way, tag team fisting fuck before reverting back to a two-way finale. First the camera covers the incredible action and chemistry that is Heussein topping Matthieu Paris. Matthieu’s able, agile hole swallows up Heussein’s arms, sucking them lovingly like tasty hair & muscle popsicles. Afro-american Marc LaSalle emerges onto the scene to join in and soon, both he and Heussein are digging within Matthieu’s cavernous ass. They take turns plunging in deeply, to be rewarded with the jaw dropping view of Matthieu’s rosebud and open asshole. We’re sure no one has gone to such lengths to bring such incredible fisting action to high definition video as we have here, and when you see it, you’re sure to agree.

Best In Hole – Scene 2

This switch hitting fisting scene stars African American hottie, Marc LaSalle and the insatiable Matthieu Paris. Seeing Marc’s smooth, dark arms sliding into Matthieus white, delicious ass is a beautiful sight indeed. These two studs let loose on each others holes up on our studio’s roof with the sounds of a construction site competing with their sexual grunts.

Arabian Fist – Scene 2

In a lost tomb of a long forgotten sex-a-holic pharaoh, unimaginable treasures fill the cluttered space and sex-charged hieroglyphs adorn the walls. Its here Simon Cox presents his world famous ass to Tony Serrano and Marc LaSalle. The sight of Marc and Simon taking turns under Tony’s expertise amongst the ancient Egyptian ruins, must be seen to believed.
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Construction Zone 2 – Scene 4
Enjoy muscled black fisting pig Simon Cox taking a turn as a top as he fists Jasper Stone (a young, hot blond guy who is making his porn debut!). Jasper has an asshole that has been thru the boxing ring a few times, and under Simon”s expert guidance this scene turns into a show-stopper of a performance that will leave even the most jaded porn fan gasping for air. Really guys, this is a stellar performance by a new fisting star!



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