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November 6th, 2009
Big Black Bad And Boned, Pitbull Productions
Now that Pitbull Productions, Inc. has conquered the world, director Jalin Fuentes turns his camera on Atlanta and nine of the citys sexiest studs. The result is BIG, BLACK, BAD & BONED, a lean, mean fuck flick that strips everything down to its basics: thugs, their dicks and their hunger to nut. Yeah, the title says it all. But theres so much more to see. CLICK HERE

Fucking Crazy, Treasure Island Media
Treasure Island passion is showing intense, balls-out sex among men exactly the way it really happens. The thing that gets them most excited is when guys approach them to tell them that they want to fulfill and document a fantasy of theirs. With 70 minutes of solid primal manfucking, FUCKING CRAZY will not dissapoint. CLICK HERE

>Booty Juice Whores, Pitbull Productions
If you got the booty and you got the juice, why not put em to work for you? Or if you got the cash, why not buy something that you really want, something to scratch that itch you just cant scratch yourself? In BOOTY JUICE WHORES, director Jalin Fuentes follows the adventures of the enterprising young studs who lay their big dicks on the line and the johns willing to pay for them – nine fine men and five steamy encounters. Whatever itch you got, if you love thugs, the latest fuck flick from Pitbull Productions, Inc. will scratch it for you. CLICK HERE

Thugz Gone Wild, Pitbull Productions
Take a white, well-lit room. Add a few pieces of plush furnitureà¡¡ sofa, a couple of overstuffed chairs, maybe a daybed. Now let a pack of hot and horny love thugz loose in the room and what have you got? A recipe for the best-looking, best-hung, guy-on-guy suck-and-fuck fest of the season, THUGZ GONE WILD, just the latest in the string of steamy masterworks that connoisseurs of dark meat have cum to expect from director Jalin Fuentes and Pitbull Productions, Inc. CLICK HERE

Manhole 2: Mustang Studios
Clandestine and secret … down a back-alley, covert and subversive … our band of eight know where to ferret the nasty manaction theyre starving for. Hidden in the shadows, theyll discover a smorgasbord of manmeat to feast on. The latest installment to the down-and-dirty “Manhole”, this sequel delivers!This clip is from scene four, starring Damien Holt, Tris Roberts and Luke Cassidy. CLICK HERE

Brazilian Seduction – Pitbull Productions
Popular myth says that Brazil, a melting pot of so many races, is home to the most beautiful and best-equipped men in the world. Brazilian Seduction, the second DVD in the new Blatino Gold Series from Pitbull Productions does its bit to prove the myth is true. Here director Jalin Fuentes, fresh from conquering Rio de Janeiro, turns the cameras loose on Sao Paulo, Brazils largest city and we do mean fuckin huge! CLICK HERE

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