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Straight boi Jason sucked by Brendon Marley

February 28th, 2009

Today we start with Brendon Marley and the different websites he’s engaged with: Like-em-Straight, Hard-N-Straight & Brendon-tv. Read what he has to say for you about his person & passions:
I’m just like you, a horny guy looking to fulfill his deepest and dirtiest fantasies. And if you really are like me one of your fantasies is to have sex with a young straight guy-someone who goes with women but who just this one time lets you suck his COCK!… The videos on this site are a result of this straight guy addiction. What you will see is all 100% authentic – nothing is faked. I pick up real straight guys – some are real hot – surfers, skaters, bodybuilders, but most are just regular guys, the video store clerk, office worker, bus driver, toll taker, manager, student, etc, just like you and me.
Lets begin with Brendon and Jason today:
Black hunk Jason is not the least bit shy. Would you be if you looked like this? He’s game for anything the director throws his way. Once Brendon Marley gets to sucking his cock, Jason treats the older man like a blow up doll to his needings; pushing his mouth down onto his black cock faster and faster until he explodes against his beautiful brown skin, his jizz is dazzling. Brendon enjoys every drop and laps it up like heavy cream.

Black hunk Jason’s game for anything the director Brendon Marley throws his way! Free photo & video previews!

Black hunk Jason’s game for anything the director Brendon Marley throws his way! Free photo & video previews!

Black hunk Jason’s watching a straight porn while getting sucked his stiff ebony cock by director Brendon Marley! Free photo & video previews!

Young & straight black hunk Jason gets sucked his hard cock by Brendon Marley who loves having sex with straight guys! Free photo & video previews!

Straight black boi Jason loves getting sucked his cock by Brendon Marley! Free photo & video previews!

After getting his hard black sucked by a guy like Brendon Marley, he  shoots a fine creamy load on his ripped abs! Free photo & video previews!

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Brendon Marley’s blowjob for Charles
– This episode is what Straight From The Spigot is all about! Charles strokes his giant piece of manhood and shoves it in Brendon’s mouth. Then he does something every man wishes he can do… He brings his knees to his shoulders and busts his nut straight into his mouth! –
Brendon Marley sucks Cris from Brazil
– Cris pushes Brendon’s mouth down on his cock and keeps it there until he dumps a warm load. Brendon can barely breathe and he slurps up every last drop up! –
Brendon Marley sucks Cris from Brazil
– Straight Brazilian hunk Baiano turns this series on it’s ear, giving Brendon a throat pounding he won’t soon forget. He fucks Brendon’s face like there’s no tomorrow before spraying his load down Brendon’s throat! –
Brazil Nuts:Brendon Marley sucks Hugo
– Hugo is someone you should fear! Well at least after you watch this video you mostly likey will fear him. Brendon picked him up and to him he wanted to film a solo scene. Hugo didn’t waste any time. He went to Brendon’s room, took off his clothes, and worked up his 12″ cock. This cock was almost unreal. Brendon couldn’t resist and had to try to swallow this thing! He tried from every angle before Hugo sprayed his hot load all over the place! –
Brazil Nuts: Brendon Marley cum flooded by Romero
– Romero is almost too sexy for words. This drop dead gorgeous Brazilian stud could seduce anyone with his beautiful bedroom eyes. He isn’t the shy type either. Brendon couldn’t wait to taste Romero’s cock and Romero couldn’t wait to whip it out. Before long Brendon was shoving Romero’s shaft down his throat. As Romero gets close he pulls Brendon back over and squirts his hot load down the back of Brendon’s throat! –
Brazil Nuts: Brendon Marley sucks Diablo’s Brazilian 12 incher
– Brendon is going crazy in Brazil! These cocks just keep getting bigger and fatter, almost too fat for Brendon’s mouth to handle. Diablo would have to be the biggest cock Brendon has encountered on his trip to Rio. This buff stud whipped out a whopping 12″ cock that was so thick Brendon could barely get his hands around it. Watch as Brendon shoves this massive piece of meat down his throat. Or can he? –
Guzzle: Ensign Shawn serves Brendon his cum
– Ensign Shawn was one true black hunk. The guy was so tall he looked like he just stepped off of a basketball court. Brendon loved him but more than anything he loved Ensign Shawn’s filthy mind. Ensign Shawn stripped down, started to play him his big black cock and then moved on the playing with his ass. He was all over the room and in every position you could imagine on the bed. At the end he moved back to the chair, grabs a plate, and served Brendon his hot load of cum. –
Brendon Marley spermed by Algerian hunk Tony
– Tony is awesome, Algerian cock do the talking. His chocolate skin and beautiful pecs are the perfect compliment to his throat-stretching dick. Tony is one amazing man! –
and there are so many more!!!!
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The videos on this site are a result of this straight guy addiction. What you will see is all 100% authentic – nothing is faked!

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